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Get certified on the world's foremost standards on business process and outsourcing

We believe in the ideology of public and private partnership concept and have developed the training program to solve the talent issue at the same time develop talent to create job opportunities. We are working with Government Agencies and Universities to train people for the BPO industry and also to help people grow within the industry. The programs that we run currently are

a) BPO Certification Program – The BPO industry in Malaysia currently does not have a formal platform for training of individuals before they enter into the industry. There are no formal educational programs / courses that teach the basics of BPO or customer service industry. While the industry continues to grow but there is a lack of relevant talent across levels which drives the industry to not meet hiring requirements and fall short of client expectations. This also drives more talent being brought in from other countries especially for support functions. In the current setup, there is no formal training methodology to prepare people for the BPO industry. The people learn about the industry and working methodology on the job which makes the learning curve longer and overwhelming leading to constant turnover of employees. There is an opportunity to train freshers and unemployed youth to be better prepared for the industry. This training would give an opportunity for unemployed to become employable and for the employable freshers to find better compensation employment within the BPO industry

b) Growth programs for the BPO industry – This program helps individuals to grown within the BPO industry by training them for various management and support roles

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